Video: Is Object a Hate Group?

In October, I wrote to Object to question their accusations of sexual violence against the sex entertainment industry, and their behaviour during a recent protest. Although they tweeted that they would be responding to the “false” allegations, we have heard nothing more from them.

We have now exclusively obtained a video of Object’s protest outside Spearmint Rhino in London on 27th September – watch it below:

For those that had any doubts, this demonstrates hateful, harassing behaviour by Object supporters towards both men and women – bizarrely, men were labelled “scum” and “rapist”, while women entering the club were called “loser”. We have also heard from strippers claiming to have experienced harassment by Object supporters.

And yet, Object claims to be a human rights organisation, takes funding from the National Lottery and other sources, and receives strong, positive coverage from the Guardian and other publications. We believe Object is a hate group: how and why are they gaining access to these funds?


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22 thoughts on “Video: Is Object a Hate Group?

      1. As a matter of interest, if I stand on a public highway and yell “f**king w**ker” at other members of the public can’t I be charged with a public order offence?

  1. So object lower the value of the meaning of rape for its victims as it seems any man is a rapist just because they say so. Next time you get a chance to debate with Roz on TV this should be brought up, ohhh no doubt they will avoid TV if Jerry is going to be there.?

    1. Roz Hardie is fast achieving the dubious reputation of being even more hapless / hopeless at the helm of Object Now than Anna van Heeswijk! 😉

  2. Interesting how they always hang round outside these venues. Why don’t they ever go inside and argue with the women who work there and the customers. They’ll happily put smug statements on Lads’ Mags but never confront actual people.

    1. They’ve had opportunities for direct dialogue with strippers and their union representatives, and – surprise, surprise! – they’ve never taken them.

    2. It’s pretty hard to engage with the stripper “victims” when they’ve already screamed “loser” in their faces as they turn up for work

  3. Given their campaign to ban Julien Blanc I could say by their harrassement of patrons here that that they should be banned too but I’m all for free speech.and as long as theyre not beating up on anyone then its ok to stand outside the Spearmint Rhino and chant

    I trust they will afford Julien Blanc the same courtesy afforded them to stand outside and call patrons, rapists and losers.

    I really hope its not true about the funding from The Guardian and Independent as it will look like theyre funding these people to get column inches and seeing their behaviour in this video does not justify funding a bunch of hateful louts

    If they believe in their cause so much they can pay their own bus fare there

      1. In fact, the only mention of Object under Roz Hardie’s stewardship I could find in the Guardian was one very short quote from her in an article (with no small irony) about the XBIZ-EU conference! 😀

  4. Dear, oh dear – there wasn’t much of a turn-out for yesterday evening’s demonstration outside the Paul Raymond Awards, was there? I counted fewer than a dozen protestors (including a baby) at its high point!

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