Object Reject “Rapist” Allegations As False

Here’s a quick update regarding my recent letter to Object (the human rights organisation/hate group – take your pick), in which I questioned Object’s frequent accusations of rape against the sex entertainment industries.

The letter was written on 1st October. Four days later, Object tweeted the following response:

We would, of course be horrified, if these allegations were made in error, and look forward to Object’s reply with interest. Watch this space for more updates.


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9 thoughts on “Object Reject “Rapist” Allegations As False

  1. Several of their protestors were holding up placards accusing Spearmint Rhino of rape and child abuse. False allegations my fucking arse!

  2. This is where stills and video footage comes in handy. Theres no denying their affiliation with the group if they have placards because its evidence the protest was organised and premeditated.

    I would like OBJECT to substantiate these accusations and if they have nay ex porn stars that were treated badly why are they not using them to make a point against the porn business? They would make a bigger impact in getting the “evil porn business” closed down surely or at least getting the guilty porn producers arrested….wouldn’t you think?

  3. Well, well – it’s been two weeks since Object Now’s tweet and no sign of a public statement. Do you think they’re taking legal advice to find a form of words which will prevent them from telling outright lies?

  4. A WHOLE MONTH has passed without an official statement from Object Now! It’s not as if Roz Hardie doesn’t know what went on at these unauthorised protests – she was photographed at both of them. Is she hoping that everyone will simply forget that any of this happened?

  5. Well, well – Roz Hardie may not be able to string together an official statement over the course of a whole calendar month, but it seems that hasn’t stopped her organising ANOTHER Object Now protest outside Spearmint Rhino on the 24th of November, for the Paul Raymond Awards:


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