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The Sex & Censorship campaign is run by Jerry Barnett.

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  1. Hello,

    I have to express my deepest sympathy to your initiative. Partly because I have experience what it means when government moves against freedom of expression and how it feels when it moves against sexual freedom. From my experience in my country such bans newer works the way that was intended by the government and on the contrary boosts both defiance to authority and utter disrespect throughout society. Basically what Cameron and his henchmen are saying is they are incapable of solving real problems and therefrom they create a problem to solve … which is totalitarian and incompetent.

    You can present examples of what happens when such bans are placed and how it affects society. One could be prohibition of alkohol in US, another ban on pornography in Soviet Union and more recently similar bans as issued by Cameron in central Europe states.

    I am from central Europe and I see with my own eyes that this simply does not work despite our government banned production of BDSM porn from public audience it is still available, reachable and more importantly created and published locally as an act of defiance. Despite that few people were prosecuted and sentenced BDSM lives as strong as ever. The only thing our government got from the ban is less respect and less tax income.

    Also it is notable that UK authorities argue that this ban will protect child audience from reaching such porn online in attempt to protect them. That is fundamentally wrong almost every teen knows how to use proxy, VPN or SSH and believe me they can reach all kinds of porn on torrent sites. Which UK authorities failed to tackle.

    It is absurd to argue that state-wide firewalls will solve the issue look at all those Chinese, Kazakstan, Russian, … etc. dissidents reaching internet via above mentioned methods. Also if the porn industry works and is reasonably regulated in terms of health and age of actors and actresses and require consent based in legal act such as treaty and also consumer treaty and payment via credit card it is ultimately better solution than ban or firewall. If it is in fact parents and schools who are failing in teaching younger generation about rules and authority.

    Not to mention that whole world is watching especially after Camerons threats against journalists from the guardian and his strong support for GCHQ big brother wargames. Great Britain was once bastion of democracy and free speech but under the rule of totalitarian puritanical misanthrope it slowly turns into totality such as I remember from soviet era. When state abandons basic principles on which they are built they fall. In this case it is UK destroying freedom of speech and expression and deliberately restricting freedom of individuals sexuality (only few states ever dared like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and handful of Islamic states).

    I hope you will be successful and I wish you best of luck.

  2. Listening to you on the Today programme, this morning, my ears went into a frustrating state of overload. I wanted to hear what you and the other guest had to say. Sadly, you interrupted, interjected and talked over her to the point that I have no clear idea what either of you had to say. Let me be blunt. If you want to articulate a position, then first shut up and listen. Bludgeoning someone with words and restricting her ability to speak her mind is bullying behaviour. It does not allow the audience to hear both points of view and to make up our own minds. You may be right, but so what? Democracy, as understand it, is more civil, generous and inclusive than your behaviour this morning.

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