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I am a writer, technologist, science geek, anti-censorship advocate, music lover, ageing raver and parent. My book, Porn Panic,  which examined the history of anti-sex moral panics and the rise of cancel culture, was published by Zero Books in August 2016. I write about sex, science, censorship, politics, identity and culture, and make regular appearances in the media, at university debates, and as a public speaker to talk about free speech, sexual freedom, and other subjects.


A selection of my articles:

The Moral Panic over ‘Sexualisation’

Antisemitism and Black Nationalism

Why is the Minority Vote Shifting to the Right?

The Price of Sex

Guns, Germs and Steel is a Powerful Anti-Racist Book. So Why Doesn’t the Left Love It?

The Ugly History of Rape Panics

Identity Politics is Killing Solidarity and Fuelling Fascism

Sex and Gender: What’s the Difference?

Silencing “hate speech” doesn’t stop hate

Porn for Women: What do Women Really Watch?

Will declining monogamy lead to an increase in violence?

There is No ‘Gay Gene’, but Sexuality is Affected by Many Genes of Small Effect

Porn, women’s rights, and the left

London’s Knife Crime is not the Fault of the Black Community

Last Days at Hot Slit – A Review of Andrea Dworkin’s Writing

I also featured as a witness on Radio 4’s The Moral Maze to discuss pornography

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  1. Jerry Barnett is a fear monger whose ideas are rooted in white supremacy. He’s not a person to be taken seriously. It’s become clear that he can’t form an opinion without checking the consensus of OPINIONS presented by CNN, MSDNC & BBC.

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