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Zara Du Rose is an Adult Performer, Fetish Model and Professional Mistress. Zara started modelling on and off in the fetish world at 18, and then progressed into the adult industry at the end of 2012. From there, she has worked for many of the UK adult film companies, as well as European fetish websites. She’s appeared on the top shelf in lads mags across the UK, as well as being nominated for the 2014 Paul Raymond Newcomer award! Her main passion is latex, which often appears in many of her online appearances & photo shoots. Outside of the film industry, Zara works as a professional mistress and often attends many of the London fetish events. One of her most recent appearances was her role in a music video for a band called Magic Eight Ball, where she played the dominatrix who got her own back.

Page 3: A Model’s Voice

The debates around censoring Page 3 and lads’ mags largely ignores the opinions, rights and careers of models. Model, pornstar and dominatrix Zara du Rose has a message for women who attack her choices in the name of feminism.

As most of you are aware, there’s a huge campaign running to abolish nudity in the tabloid papers.

But what really is the problem?

Is it that people think the page is sexist, that they are afraid of the naked body and how a pair of tits could ‘damage’ a child, or that they don’t agree with some women’s choice of career?

For me, this whole campaign seems to be coming from an extremist form of feminism, where these self-acclaimed feminists are telling the rest of us women how we are wrong to choose to bare all for a career.

They seem to have the loudest voice, with demonstrations outside The Sun headquarters & numerous articles written to explain why they think this should be banned, and why we should all ‘think of the children’.

But, who is speaking to the women who have featured on page 3? Why haven’t they had equal coverage on the situation?

Now, before anyone bangs on about how this may sound like an ‘anti-feminism’ rant – I do class myself as a feminist, one who believes in equal opportunities, and where women should have the right to choose a path, however non-conventional.

What I have seen increasingly in the last 12 months is criticism and hate from other women, because I have chosen to get naked for all to see, and made a career out of it.

I’ve been told that I’m degrading myself, letting women down as a whole… these comments hurt a hell of a lot when they come from other women! But as soon as I start explaining myself, and why I feel empowered by what I do, I instantly get shot down. It seems some people aren’t willing to have a constructive debate about this.

This women-on-women hate is going to have a huge impact on many sex workers, and push us all apart. We should be standing together, not fighting between ourselves!

Yes, it was my choice to become a sex worker, yes I feel that what I do empowers me and gives me the confidence to continue, so why is it so wrong!?

Funnily enough, I do agree with a couple of points from the No More Page 3 campaign: yes, women should be represented equally in the newspapers, and our achievements celebrated, but does a page with a topless photo really degrade all women?

I feel that this situation has got out of hand, and a big portion of the people campaigning against Page 3 have lost sight of what it’s really about.

Here’s one thought for you: David Beckham has been the star of numerous billboard campaigns across the UK and overseas in the last few years. More often than not, scantily clad in nothing but a very revealing pair of boxer shorts which leave very little to the imagination.

How is this form of nudity be allowed to appear in ads, in our streets, yet a women who has chosen to pose topless for Page 3 isn’t?

Seems a little sexist, no?

Sex is all around us; we all do it, so why does it feel like this country as a whole is terrified of it!? The new porn laws, the “porn filters” and now No More Page 3 & Lose The Lads’ Mags: porn is being attacked because the government say it’s damaging our children. But I say, instead of hiding away from it and damaging our livelihoods, why not EDUCATE the next generation about porn?!

The more restrictions that go into place, the more the industry (& the girls in it!) will go underground. We need to embrace the 21st century and accept that porn is something most of us look at, not hide away from it.


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