The Slut-Shaming of a Sex Worker on Facebook

This story is hardly an unusual one. Sex workers experience slut-shaming and other abuse as standard if they dare have a public presence. I have a number of Facebook friends who are prostitutes, pornstars, webcam girls and strippers, and I’m all too aware how often they are attacked online. I’m sharing these images with permission from sex worker and activist Laura Renvoize, who was the subject of the abuse, and chose to share them on Facebook.

The comments reveal how a pseudo-left, pseudo-feminist narrative is often adopted by middle-class women who feel the need to intellectualise their slut-shaming. These days, since it’s become fashionable to be left-wing (or at least, to sound left-wing), attacks on sex workers tend to be veiled in pseudo-left language. It is fascinating that the old left issues of sexism, racism and capitalism have now become excuses for anti-sex work and other forms of bigotry.

Unfortunately, this is indicative of the intellectual rot on the new left. Simply shouting CAPITALISM has become a substitute for reasoned argument. Note the claim that Laura is ‘a disgrace to women and girls’: in this version of feminism, no woman can be liberated, since every woman is (we’re told) answerable to all other women for their behaviour.

Note also the argument-hopping: Laura is told that her chosen work is violence against women (one would think she would have been the first to notice that) and is then blamed for breaking up nice families by sleeping with attached men and other crimes. Prostitution is said to be a “sick industry that promotes everything wrong with the world”. Entertainingly, prostitutes are often (as here) that told they don’t “value themselves” – a strange accusation to throw at some of the highest paid people in society.




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3 thoughts on “The Slut-Shaming of a Sex Worker on Facebook

  1. I would argue that exactly the opposite can be true – regarding marriage and men going to sex workers. There are many marriages or relationships which are often called ‘love-less’ (for which one may read ‘sex-less’), but in which the couple concerned stay together for whatever reason, most often to provide the children with a stable background.

    In this circumstance both partners can feel sexual frustration as they are no longer sexually attracted to each other, but still have a vibrant sex drive. In this circumstance paying someone for sex may be the best solution – developing a relationship with a third party is dishonest at the least, and more often than not will cause a large internal rift – to the detriment of the children involved.

    Having a no-strings attached relationship provides a solution to this dilemma.

    1. Certainly, many sex workers believe they save marriages. In my recent podcast with Lady Andromeda, she said she’d rather her partner pay for sex than have an affair. It’s a far safer set-up

  2. Why not name and shame the bigots, instead of hiding their names? I suspect that they wouldn’t feel the same sense of bravado in their bullying and personal abuse, if their identities were shared with the wider public…

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