Frankie Mullin on sex work and gentrification – 30th January

Frankie Mullin is one of the most informed and prolific journalists writing about sexuality in the UK today. In her work for Vice, the Independent, and the Guardian, she has challenged media myths around porn addiction and casual sex, and given a voice to sex workers and victims of sexual violence. She has defended the right to family life of asylum seekers and dicussed the lack of qualified psychological support for LGBT people. She was instrumental in raising awareness of the recently defunct ATVOD’s damaging crusade against independent porn producers.

On 30th January 4pm, Mullin will speak at a panel discussion hosted by the Camden People’s Theatre on gentrification and the crowding out of safe working spaces for sex workers for which she has written a number of cutting-edge reports. The event is highly recommended for those who are in or able to reach London that afternoon.

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One thought on “Frankie Mullin on sex work and gentrification – 30th January

  1. Some research debunking the porn makes men hate women bullshit:

    I love porn, but if I hate women so much why do 95% of the stuff I watch have no men in it at all? And when there are men it, they are usually getting dragged on a leash, or in a scissorhold, ballgag in mouth?

    Really funny how many of these “never look at anything naughty and keep your hands off your sin zones” types are hipster millennial weenies. Just look at those Tedx talks. Goony beardmen and pink haired harpies. Fuck them! And fuck censorship. Fuck these totalitarian postmodernist cunts who want to shame me for enjoying adult entertainment! And fuck conservatives too! They are no better.

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