Silencing “Hate Speech” Doesn’t Stop Hate

Anti-fascism is in my blood. As a teenager in the late-1970s, I became involved in Anti Nazi League protests and attended free Rock Against Racism festivals. I was concerned with racism in part because I attended a school where 90% of pupils were non-white, and I could directly see the corrosive effects of racism. But I was also aware of fascism because of my grandparents’ experience in the Jewish East End of London during the 1930s, where locals and anti-fascist supporters faced the real threat of fascism on a daily basis, and eventually had to physically confront the fascists in the streets.

You can read the full article at Huffington Post UK.


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One thought on “Silencing “Hate Speech” Doesn’t Stop Hate

  1. This is from the Feminists Against Censorship website from 20 years ago, “Censorship can never eliminate evil ideas, and so the best answer to bad speech is more speech”. I also recall mentioning to an Islamophobe the history of violence and tension that has existed within Christianity. He seemed very insistent that I stop that conversation. I tend to find the offensive are the most easily offended.

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