Coming For Christmas?

Xmas Single from TVX and Pornhub

Buy it, and help fund Sex & Censorship!

Christmas singles cum and go… they’re usually cheesy, and most are quickly forgotten: this year is no different. This year’s batch includes the (dire) Band Aid 30 year update, and a single to support anti-boobs campaign, No More Page 3.

For the first time, there’s a porn contender: Television X and Pornhub have united to release Coming For Christmas, a tongue-in-cheek (or tongue-in-something, anyway) take on the genre. The single features an all-porn cast, including veteran stud Ben Dover on drums. Wouldn’t it be nice, at a time when UK regulators are introducing tough censorship controls, to get it into the charts, and make a Radio 1 DJ cringe as they explain why they can’t read out the title on-air?

TVX have agreed to make a donation to the Sex & Censorship campaign if the single reaches the charts. Can you spare less than a pound, to help fund the campaign going into 2015? If you’re on Spotify or another streaming service, you don’t even need to buy it – just play it.

Coming For Christmas is available on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other music services. You can also watch the clean version on YouTube and the unclean one on Pornhub (NSFW!)

Please buy and spread the word!


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2 thoughts on “Coming For Christmas?

  1. Sorry to be critical, but I won’t be buying this single for the following reasons:

    TelevisionX is produced by Portland TV, Chris Ratcliff the MD of Portland TV lobbys the government for “age verification” i.e. the censorship of foreign (and UK) adult websites visited from the UK, and potentially blocking UK card payments. The concept implies ATVOD extending their remit to apply sweeping censorship that would cover all websites accessed from the UK. I believe there are adequate measures in place for child protection without resorting to mass censorship. I will not be giving them my money.

    Pornhub partner with a lot of legitimate paid websites and also own a lot of paid websites, but I think the amount of piracy on Pornhub negatively affects the rest of the adult industry (especially small producers who do not have the means to police their content), therefore I will also not be giving any money to Pornhub.

    I would be surprised if Coming For Christmas made the top 40 (or even the top 100), therefore I would also doubt that Sex and Censorship will recieve a donation on the condition that it reaches the charts.

    It just seems like propaganda to me.

    1. I agree with you.

      However, I’m of the mind that we (as in myself and Adult Providers Network who Chris Ratcliffe represents) are fighting the same battle from opposite ends of the table. His is compliance, mine is against because I simply disagree with how this legislation was put to us in the first place.

      The able we are fighting the opposite ends of is the adult business we are in, which I see most of the people i the video/ song as part of the business I feel I am fighting for.

      I also believe in what Jerry is doing with Sex & Censorship and quite willing to support this in the hope the donation becomes a reality. As a commercial company I can understand their mercenary motives to protect heir investments, monopolise and squash the competition.

      I feel its beer to support it because we are all in the adult business and if giving a donation is a redeeming factor then there is hope we can meet in the middle on some issues.

      Lets not forget that certain companies are not precious on free speech as others are so therefore if they are told that in order o comply by a governing body or its representatives then its going to simply go with the flow.

      That said I do see your point but my way of thinking tells me not to disregard the chance of a man trying to redeem himself

      I’ll support the promotion of this because I believe there are things we can work together on rather han constantly working against each other which has proved already over the years does not work but creates more acrimony

      In short, better to work together towards progress than against each oher

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