Debate vs Object

Object, the anti-sex morality group posing as a human rights organisation, generally refuse to engage with the porn industry, and certainly refuse to meet with the women they claim to be “rescuing” from their work as pornstars, strippers, sex workers or models.

Occasionally though, we get a rare moment to meet them face to face on TV or at university debates. Today I had one such opportunity to meet them in a (sadly short) televised debate on London Live. Here’s what happened…



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9 thoughts on “Debate vs Object

  1. She claimed Object are anti censorship. We know this is bollocks as their attempts to get the Hilton hotel to pull the Xbiz conference demonstrates.

    1. Their campaigns against ‘lad mags’, Page 3 and strip clubs are hardly anti-censorship either, are they?

  2. The version available when I watched went on for 3.38 minutes, but this didn’t seem to be the end of the discussion. Was there any more to it? But, from what I did see, I would say that Object will always latch onto any fringe material which they can portray as abusive. The great mass of stuff is entirely consensual and depicts people having a lot of fun.

  3. Strange that the woman representing Object in this video states they are a human rights group but doesn’t realise the irony that she is promoting the opposite by not engaging those they claim to be protecting.then hang out at venues trying to make men feel guilty calling them rapists for daring to enjoy the delights or pretty women getting their clothes off earning good money that is way above the minimum wage of £6.50 per hour.

    Or am I missing something here?

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