Discussion: Censorship of “Sexualised” Music Videos

The BBFC, with its DVD classification business in long-term decline, has lobbied for itself some nice new business, classifying music videos.

The new move was preceded by a neatly-packaged moral panic in 2013 over “sexualised” music videos, with Miley Cyrus singled out for a particularly strong witch-hunt; Cyrus had committed the  sin of transforming, in recent years, from an innocent little girl into a grown, sexual woman, and then proceeded to appear naked  – something that is seen as unpardonable among sexual morality campaigners.

This month, a conference session was held as part of The Great Escape music industry event, to discuss the issues around sexual music videos and censorship; I took part on behalf of Sex & Censorship. You can read a write-up and listen to a recording of the discussion here.


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2 thoughts on “Discussion: Censorship of “Sexualised” Music Videos

  1. Sex sells everything. Some videos have a dfferent spin on this by using old folk but its all in the name of fun which is at the heart of most music videos.

    The kind of music discussed (Dub Step, Dance) relys heavily on its appeal to youth culture with beautiful/ sexy people suggesting a healthy happy culture in its choice of images to put the message of the music or its lack of across with beautiful images. Its nothing new and has been deployed since the days of old with girls doing the can- can, belly dancing Even flashing a bit of ankle was considered risque

    Dancing is sexy so why shouldn’t it deploy sexy people and images? Its more of a celebration than misogynistic

  2. The BBFC describes itself as being independent from the government but anyone in the film game knows that it takes it orders from the Home Office and it’s they who issue what filmmakers call the “Laundry list.”

    It is obvious that revolutionary artists such as Miley Cyrus have far more influence on young girls who imitate her performances gyrating their hips much to the embarrassment of sexually repressed older generations!

    The message of sexual revolution is there in the lyrics “its my body and I do what I want” telling girls that they should be able to do what they like with their own bodies.

    Cameron’s plan is stupid anyway as R18 material is available free on the net.

    Can you imagine walking into a licensed sex shop and asking for a copy of Wrecking Ball?

    Big Brother Puffy is making a fool of himself again trying to control the ongoing sexual revolution!

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