Success! Our London Protest

The build-up to our protest yesterday was hectic, with coverage in the Huffington Post and the Independent in the preceding days.

When we originally planned the event, we thought it would be great if a dozen people turned up: after all, that’s about the size of the typical pro-censorship protest held by Object and other anti-sex campaigners. In fact, at least 50 people turned out, including pornstars, strippers and sex workers.

We’d like to thank those who came – especially former pornstar Renee Richards, who helped build for the event, and turned up to make a speech, despite being seven months pregnant!

Click here for full event coverage and photos from XBIZ.


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5 thoughts on “Success! Our London Protest

  1. Congratulations on a successful demonstration. I’am shocked at the vitroil so called femminest come out with. A good case in point is in the Independant on line discussing Shakira.they dont like her dispite all the good she does with wealth.

  2. Just reading a lot of Dines stuff and it seems she doens’t just have a problem with porn but expressions of sex and sexuality per say. In the marketing for her book Pornland she sights Britney Spears being naked in music videos and Miley Cyrus posing seductvely in magazines. She just hates sex.

    1. Britney and Miley? Dines must have updated her “stepford slut” examples. Back when I saw her give a speech years ago it was Madonna’s “pornified” behaviour that she was pearl clutching about.

      I remember her commenting that Madonna’s behaviour encourages rape by giving men an “entitlement to women’s bodies”. According to Dines, “pornified” women send out a message to men that they’re sexually available, and therefore men who rape are just “taking what they’re offering”.

      Dines talked about Madonna herself being safe because she’s protected by bodyguards, but scaremongered that the rapists will instead target innocent women walking home, like the feminists in her audience. She used that example to attack the whole idea of individual choice, arguing that all women suffer because of the sexual behaviour of individuals, therefore women have a collective right to control their behaviour.

      Of course there was no actual evidence provided linking women’s sexual behaviour, or sexual images, to an increase in rape. It was clearly all about whipping up puritanical moral panic, but dressed up with left wing feminist theory and concern about violence against women.

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