#CensoredUK – We Trended!

#CensoredUK copyYesterday’s #CensoredUK Twitter campaign made a splash online, trending nationwide across the UK. We launched the campaign to supporters late on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, regular tweets were being made and by late afternoon, the hashtag was spotted trending in London and across the UK. We often hear people say that the British are more concerned with security or prudery than free expression, but yesterday suggested otherwise. Many British people are outraged with attempts to censor our media.

As of this morning at least The Telegraph had covered the campaign.

The twin strands of this campaign – Sex and Censorship – are deliberately chosen. Today’s push towards Internet censorship comes from two camps: puritans who think sexual expression is harmful, and those who seek to gain power by controlling information. These two groups came together at the ATVOD conference on child protection which was held in London yesterday afternoon. We heard a series of hysterical claims about the effects of pornography, but were offered no evidence to back them.

The Deputy Children’s Commissioner, Sue Berelowitz, described in detail a gang rape of an 11 year old; she claimed that participants had said the experience was “like being in a porn film”; and then claimed that this was all the evidence she needed to conclude that porn causes sexual violence.

But (even assuming that the story is true as she related), anecdotes are not a substitute for statistical evidence. We know that porn availability does not correlate with a rise in sexual violence; in fact, we know that the opposite is true. Sexual violence has fallen sharply in most developed countries in the past three decades, as have most other forms of violence.

They do not have the moral high ground – we do! We do not “protect our children” by trying to hide the world away from them. We don’t make them safer by allowing them to hit puberty without knowing what is happening to their bodies, and what the implications are.

We live in an increasingly safe society, but a coalition of campaigners want to convince us that thing are getting worse. A rising moral panic is under way; the purpose of the Sex & Censorship campaign is counter those messages, and replace hysteria with evidence-based thinking.

We thank everyone who has followed so far, and look forward to your support in coming campaigns!


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2 thoughts on “#CensoredUK – We Trended!

  1. happy to see the campain went well, i’m not on twitter so i couldn’t contribute, personally i think a good step is to make petition’s on 38 degrees, (1 for the filter’s and 1 for the extention of the dangerous picture’s act, if not a complete repeal), they send a message to people to there email’s so the message can get out to alot of people and can be explained.

  2. Congratulations and well done ! We need to fight back against the tide of puritanism sweeping over the UK. I doubt we can achieve a repeal of CJIA 2008 S63 categories c and d. But securing the repeal of categories a and b is possible; campaigners should focus upon these aspects of what is known as “the Dangerous Pictures Act”. These categories are particularly vague and can land innocent, harmless people with a criminal conviction and a place on the sex offenders register. An example of this would be someone who retains images of a body piercing – e.g. a prince albert or nipple piercing.

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