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Video: Why do Anti-Porn Activists Want to Kill a Scientist?

My latest video interview is with a neuroscientist and psychologist, Nicole R Prause.


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Podcast: Ashley Frawley – is Wokeism Communist or Fascist?

This is the audio version of a video I published recently. Ashley Frawley is a Marxist academic. Together, we explore the Woke phenomenon and discuss whether it more closely resembles Communism or Fascism.

From now on, podcasts are now available to patrons only. These will include audio versions of my videos as well as audio versions of some of my articles. You can support from £1 per month, and help me create more content in order to defend free expression, equality, reason and sexual freedom.

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Video: Badiva talks WAP

Watch the Badiva interview on YouTube

Badiva (Bianka Grant) is a London-based music performer of West Indian origins. Her music is made in the Jamaican-influenced, London urban style, and is highly erotic. In this interview we discussed WAP (the recent release by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion) – a music video that caused upset by being overtly sexual. We also talked about the backlash faced by sexual performers, the word “whore”, the attitudes towards sex within black cultures, and Russell Brand’s belief that female sexuality was invented by men.

Podcast 21: Alex Dutty – The Rapper They Cancelled

This is the audio version of a YouTube video I recently published. It’s an interview with Alex Dutty, a London-based rapper who was attacked and “cancelled” for making a music video. But bizarrely, the video was a powerful anti-racist one. Alex was the victim of a Woke mob that, one day, collectively decided to brand him a “racist”, and turn on him.

Podcast 20: Wiley’s Antisemitic Outburst

This is the audio version of a YouTube video I published recently. It’s a monologue on a recent social media outburst by Wiley, a UK grime music artist, in which he attacked Jews and (apparently) called for anti-Jewish violence. I look at the background to antisemitism in black music scenes and argue that racist black nationalism is a problem that has been ignored for too long.

New Video: Alex Dutty, The Rapper They Cancelled

A few years ago, I noticed one of my Facebook friends – a UK music artist called Alex Dutty – was getting mauled on UK hip hop forums. This looked like the typical social media pile-on: influential individuals leading their fans into a bullying campaign. Alex was trying to defend himself, but once the mob scented blood, it mattered little what he said. Mobs are irrational, spurred on by reassuring each other that their target is the worst kind of person.

The accusation against Alex was “racism”. And yet there was no sign that he was actually racist. His crime was to have made a video called Proud To Be White. But anyone who watched it could see that this was clearly an anti-racism video. Alex’s true crime was, apparently, to be a white, working class man in the wrong time and the wrong place. His music career was destroyed by false allegations and boycotts. Alex was an early victim of what is now known as Cancel Culture. Recently, I caught up with Alex to interview him about his experience of being cancelled.