About Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett is an author and campaigner, who runs the Sex and Censorship YouTube channel, podcast and blog. In addition to his campaigning and writing work he is a photographer, technologist, entrepreneur and parent. He belongs to a large, eccentric, multiracial London family. His book, Porn Panic,  was published by Zero Books in August 2016.

Jerry has campaigned for some years against British censorship laws and regulations, and led a long campaign against the UK’s “porn block”, which would have introduced sweeping internet censorship, and which was eventually scrapped by the incoming Johnson government in 2019. He regularly writes about the dangers facing British civil liberties, including overbroad hate speech laws, and the grassroots intolerance of both the extreme Left and extreme Right. He is dedicated to defending personal liberty, free speech and sexual freedom, and makes regular appearances in the media, at university debates, and as a public speaker.


Jerry has written extensively, for a variety of publications, on many political subjects including sexual politics, free speech, science (especially related to sex), identity politics and other issues. Some of his articles are below.

The Moral Panic over ‘Sexualisation’ (Quillette)

Antisemitism and Black Nationalism (Areo)

The Price of Sex (Quillette)

Why is the Minority Vote Shifting to the Right? (Poliquads)

Identity Politics is Killing Solidarity and Fuelling Fascism (Sex and Censorship)

What is the Difference Between Sex and Gender? (Medium)

Silencing “hate speech” doesn’t stop hate (Huffington Post UK)

Will declining monogamy lead to an increase in violence? (Areo Magazine)

Why is Sex Declining in America? (Arc Digital)

There is No ‘Gay Gene’, but Sexuality is Affected by Many Genes of Small Effect (Quillette)

Porn, women’s rights, and the left (Counterpunch)

London’s Knife Crime is not the Fault of the Black Community (Areo Magazine)

Last Days at Hot Slit – A Review of Andrea Dworkin’s Writing (Quillette)

Porn for Women: What do Women Really Watch? (Sex and Censorship)

Jerry has made frequent radio and TV appearances, and regularly participates in university debates. He featured as a witness on Radio 4’s The Moral Maze to discuss pornography.

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