Podcast #6 – Interview With Lady Andromeda

This week’s podcast is an wide-ranging interview with black London dominatrix Lady Andromeda, a sex worker for over decade, who is out and proud about what she does. We talk sex work, slut-shaming and politics. She is on Twitter as @LadyAndromedaUK


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7 thoughts on “Podcast #6 – Interview With Lady Andromeda

  1. Thank you for this interview, it is simply beautiful and insightful. Lady Andromeda is an incredible communicator and shows a different face to the typical woman in this industry.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m interested to know what you mean by the “typical woman in this industry”. I’m aware that Lady Andromeda’s views contrast with those of the largely white, middle-class, feminist sex work activists

      1. oh sorry Jerry, only part of my comment got posted the second time around as I was also trying to activate my subscription and then had to post again. My initial write up commented on how well she expresses her opinions and how different it is to listen to someone that works in adult entertainment talk about it with no regrets and shows a different ‘face’ of it which is a woman who enjoys what she does in this industry. She doesn’t come across in the same I am used to hearing other women in this industry expressing a certain type of hatred for it stemmed from feeling forced into it or forced into it as a desperate means to an end.

        1. Yeah, there’s a miserabilist tendency among certain sex work activists, especially those of feminist leanings, along the lines of “Poor me, I’m oppressed by patriarchy and so I have no choice but to sell sex”. Which is bollocks, of course. Many men would kill to have that kind of fallback option when the bills need paying. As Lady Andromeda said in the podcast, selling sex is a privilege that men don’t have – so men resort to stealing cars or selling drugs when cash is tight, and risk arrest and prison. It’s an annoying aspect of politics today that the movements get hijacked by middle-class people with their first world problems…

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