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Jerry Barnett releases mini-ebook – “Porn: What’s The Harm?”

Porn: What’s The Harm?

London, November 25 2020

Jerry Barnett, anti-censorship campaigner and author of Porn Panic: Sex and Censorship in the UK, announces the release of a new mini-ebook, Porn What’s The Harm?

This ebook was derived from a chapter of Porn Panic, and has been updated. It examines the radical feminist case that pornography is a cause of sexual violence, before demonstrating that the claim has no basis in fact. Not only is there a lack of evidence to suggest that pornography leads to increased sexual violence, but there is strong evidence to the contrary: where porn has been made widely available, it appears to be linked with steep falls in sexual violence.

The text then asks why this should be the case, and explores the evolution of sex itself to explain why men and women have such different sexual behaviours, and why the availability of pornography would make men less likely to commit rape.

Jerry Barnett says: “I am often approached by people asking for a summary of the evidence regarding porn and harm. This is especially true for people working with, or within, the adult industry, who perhaps are concerned by claims they have heard from anti-pornography campaigners. I had already laid out the argument in my 2016 book Porn Panic, but decided it would be a good time to update this part of the book and release it cheaply.”

The book is available for $2.99 / £2.99, or as a benefit to Jerry’s patrons. Full details are available at


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Podcast 21: Alex Dutty – The Rapper They Cancelled

This is the audio version of a YouTube video I recently published. It’s an interview with Alex Dutty, a London-based rapper who was attacked and “cancelled” for making a music video. But bizarrely, the video was a powerful anti-racist one. Alex was the victim of a Woke mob that, one day, collectively decided to brand him a “racist”, and turn on him.

Podcast 20: Wiley’s Antisemitic Outburst

This is the audio version of a YouTube video I published recently. It’s a monologue on a recent social media outburst by Wiley, a UK grime music artist, in which he attacked Jews and (apparently) called for anti-Jewish violence. I look at the background to antisemitism in black music scenes and argue that racist black nationalism is a problem that has been ignored for too long.