Podcast #3: Stripper Edie Lamort – the Canary in the Coalmine

Edie Lamort is a stripper and political activist. When anti-sex groups began organising in east London to close down strip clubs, she and other dancers joined unions and organised to keep their workplaces open. This interview was recorded almost 5 years ago. Edie predicted that the strippers were just the first of many targets, so referred to herself as the canary in the coalmine. She is founder member of the East London Strippers Collective.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast #3: Stripper Edie Lamort – the Canary in the Coalmine

  1. If this was recorded 5 years ago, where is Edie at today? Last i saw was the exhibition she did at The Red Gallery in Old Street last year which is what inspired me to do The Naked Truth Film Club Screenings.

    I was very impressed with the film night she did for Live Nude Girls. Now Im doing screenings maybe we can work together with The East London Strippers Collective

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