Podcast #1: The Trouble With The F Word

Welcome to the first ever Sex & Censorship podcast. This week, I interview Vanessa Pellegrin, director of The Trouble With The F Word, an interesting film exploring feminism and anti-feminism. Vanessa is currently fund-raising on Kickstarter to complete the film. Thank you to Red Roxy Studios, designers extraordinaire, for making the theme tune.


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3 thoughts on “Podcast #1: The Trouble With The F Word

  1. The UK and the USA are so uptight about anything sexual, it’s pathetic.
    The Germans, French, Dutch and Scandinavians just laugh about their beeping of the word Fuck. While the most obscene violence seems to be just fine on US media and Hollywood movies. We on the EU continent use the word Fuck as well as words for male and female genitalia on radio and tv, without ever bleeping it away, and we also never use blurring for genital images. Even in children’s public radio and tv. What is wrong with the beauty of the human body?

  2. These efforts to “save feminism” are really cute, but they will all ultimately fail. Christina Hoff Sommers wrote “Who Stole Feminism” in 1993. Just look up how she has been received by feminists since then. Has Vanessa been so stupid for all these years to realize the blatantly obvious?

    Female lack of self awareness is the ultimate cause of this failure of feminism. Otherwise feminism would have cleaned itself and its name more than a hundred years ago. Remember, 1848 Declaration of Sentiments was already a manifesto of outright MISANDRY. Feminists have been doubling down on everything since then. But females be females. They only want the goodies not the responsibilities. Hence the lack of self awareness.

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